Weekly Legislative Update 6.1.15


The last 10 days of any session are never fun and often chaotic.  This year is proving to be no different.  However, with only 5 (perhaps 6 if they come in on Sunday) days remaining and no budget agreement at this time, frustration levels are rising quickly. 

 On Wednesday, Democratic leadership believed that they had put together a budget package their members could support.  Only to have it fall apart when the Governor essentially told them he would veto it without further changes (i.e. more cuts and somehow find a way to fund his transportation initiative.).  The Democrats went back to the drawing board and met until 3:00 a.m. Thursday and again after midnight Friday.  Both Chambers will definitely be in session on Saturday and if they can come up with a budget agreement, then most likely Sunday as well.  I will keep you in the loop as talks progress.

 On Thursday, the Senate passed SB 1058, AAC Chronic Absenteeism with Sen. Amendment A, LCO#8340 by a vote of 32-4.  The bill now goes to the House for final action.

 If members have not already done so, please call their legislators asking for their support for the YSB funding.  Every call matters!

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