End of Session Update from CYSA Lobbyist Jay Aronson


It was truly a miracle that the General Assembly finished its business on time and did not have to go in to Special Session The House took up the budget on Saturday, after Democrats scrapped their idea of changing the definition of the Constitutional spending cap.  They simply did not have the votes.  Instead, they did what every other state in the nation does and pulled out $6.5 billion worth of federally reimbursable Medicaid spending out from under the spending cap, something that did not need a three-fifths vote (as would any change to the Constitution).  By doing this, the budget was no longer over the spending cap and the pressure was off those Democratic Senators prepared to vote no. 

The good news is two-fold.  One, as I stated earlier, there will be no special session for the budget or budget related items.  Second and more importantly, is that with the help of many, I was able to keep YSBs whole in the budget for the next two years.  There are no cuts to either of the YSB line items.

It was a mixed bag of bills that I monitored for you this year.  Some passed, some did not:

          1. HB 6703, AAC Youth Violence and Gang Activity passed the Senate on Wednesday and was sent to the Governor for his signature.

          2. SB 972, AAC Children and Behavioral Health passed the House and was sent to the Governor for his signature.

          3. HB 6682, AAC Collaboration Between Boards of Education and Law Enforcement Personnel died on the Senate Calendar.

In the end, it was a good session for Youth Service Bureaus.  Any time a not for profit can walk away with the same amount of money it came in with, amongst a two billion dollar deficit, is a good year! Once again, it has been an honor and a privilege for me to represent CYSA at the State Capitol. 

Thank you! Jay Aronson

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