Glastonbury, Director Youth & Family Services


Director of Youth and Family Services

Salary $43.21 - $58.36 Hourly
Location Glastonbury, CT
Job Type Full-time
Department Youth and Family Services
Job Number 21-00003
Closing 8/31/2020 11:59 PM Eastern


General Description

Under broad direction of the Town manager, incumbent plans, directs and oversees human services programs, including Youth and Family clinical services, outreach services, substance abuse prevention and creative experiences.  Provides counseling services to community.

Job Description


  1. Supervises the daily activities of clinical, substance abuse prevention, outreach, creative experiences and administrative staff; provides performance feedback both formally and informally, interprets and enforces policies and procedures and communicates effectively.  Manages staffing needs and engages in human resources activities, such as hiring and performance management.   
  2. Ensures a respectful and safe work environment for all by fostering a culture of mutual respect, appreciation for diversity, and accountability for ethical behavior.    
  3. Develops staff through formal and informal training, coaching, mentorship, and positive leadership modeling.
  4. Works with Human Services staff, schools, families and other community stakeholders to identify needs and develop responsive plans of actions.  Accesses resources in the community, state and federal government to develop, implement and evaluate responsive programs.  Coordinates activities on a short and long-term basis to ensure community support, personnel, and materials necessary for program success.
  5. Performs initial and ongoing clinical assessments, treatment plans and ongoing evaluation, using a multicultural lens.  Develops evidence-based treatment plans in collaboration with clients; in an accessible way, explains presenting concerns and treatment methods that honors client autonomy and reinforces client strengths.  Conducts related research.
  6. Provides psychotherapy to clients, including, individual, couples, or families, ensuring engagement is client-focused and therapeutic in nature.  Facilitates group counseling, psychoeducation, crisis intervention, and referrals.  Provides advocacy for Town residents.
  7. Ensures counseling records of the Agency document informed consent, therapeutic interventions and client response/progress; ensures the confidentiality and security of all clinical records, physical and electronic.  Ensures staff is HIPAA trained and compliant.
  8. Develops and administers department annual budget.
  9. Prepares and administers grants.


  1. Performs other duties as required. 


  • Maintains confidentiality of records and information in compliance with HIPAA


  • Represents the Town in a professional and courteous manner at all times; observes and respects the dignity of all persons
  • Observes safe work practices
  • Observes state traffic laws


  • Regularly attends and is punctual for work
  • Works evenings and weekends as necessary
  • Models a strong work ethic by carrying out responsibilities diligently and managing time productively

NOTE:  The above description is illustrative of tasks and responsibilities.  It is not meant to be all inclusive of every task and responsibility.  Incumbent must be able to perform essential duties with or without reasonable accommodation.


  • Master’s degree from a recognized college or university in Counseling, Social Work, or related field
  • Ten (10) years of work experience in youth and family counseling
  • Three (3) years administrative and supervisory experience 


  • Knowledge of
    • public administration, principles and practices as applied to family and youth counseling
    • clinical counseling principles, practices and ethics
    • human development; couples and family systems theories; and multicultural issues
    • state traffic laws
  • Skills in
    • individual, couples and family counseling; group counseling; and crisis intervention
    •  verbal communication, including the ability to explain concepts to individuals and groups
    • Strong interpersonal, supervisory and leadership skills
  • Ability to
    • maintain patient confidentiality
    • make sound clinical judgments and ethical and effective intervention decisions
    • write clear and concise clinical notes and records
    • establish and maintain therapeutic alliances with diverse clients
    • administer policies and procedures, staffing resources, office operations, budget, and grant funds
    • build trust and maintain accountability with staff
    • work collaboratively with Town Manager and colleagues to achieve organization-wide priorities and objectives


  • Typically, the employee may sit comfortably to do the work.  However, there may be some walking, standing, stooping, reaching, carrying items such as papers, books or files
  • Must be able to
    • push/pull/lift objects of up to twenty (20) pounds and sit for prolonged periods, perform manipulative skills, requiring hand-eye coordination such as keyboard skills
    • see objects closely as in reading case histories
    • hear normal sounds with background noise, distinguish voice patterns and communicate with speech as in using a telephone and making presentations
    • attend to detail and concentrate for sixty (60) minutes or more with some interruptions, remember multiple assignments over long periods of time and understand the theories behind several related concepts
    • perform simple mathematic calculations
    • write effectively, as appropriate to the needs of the audience

Agency Town of Glastonbury

Address 2155 Main Street, Glastonbury, Connecticut, 06033

Phone (860) 652-7710





We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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