Tri-Town, Youth Program Coordinator



I. Primary Function: Develop and implement outreach and positive youth development activities for
children and teens in Chester, Deep River and Essex.

II. Responsibilities of the Youth Program Coordinator:
A. Direct and supervise the Middle School Advisory Board (Youth in Action) in their meetings and

1. Work closely with Executive Director, Faculty Advisors and students to establish goals
and objectives for the youth advisory board.
2. Work with teens to develop creative recruitment strategies, identify short-and long-term
volunteer opportunities for students, and provide incentives for participation (food, swag, extra
credit, leadership training, attendance at off-site youth forums and conferences, etc.). Goal: at
least 10 teens engaged.
3. Increase student knowledge of risk and protective factors for mental health disorders
(including substance use disorder), facilitate collaborative planning process to promote wellness
throughout the school year and empower youth to build an effective support system for their
peers. Goal: at least 6 events
4. Conduct year-end evaluation of both advisory board processes, to include Faculty and
Student feedback and recommendations.

B. Support Executive Director, Director of Clinical Services and Prevention Coordinator in the
planning and preparation of Valley Regional High School clubs and activities (Peer Advocates and
Youth Action Council).

1. Build linkages back to Middle School and work toward a seamless transition from middle
to high school advisory boards.
2. Implement special in-school and after-school activities during important campaigns (such
as Red Ribbon Week, Screen Free/High of Life Week and National Prevention Week).
Incorporate lessons and activities into existing TTYSB Youth Programs during those weeks.

C. With Executive Director and Mentoring Planning Committee, evaluate existing mentoring and
tutoring programs in district, research best practices and support the continued improvement of
mentoring and tutoring programs, increased student access and volunteer recruitment.

1. Supervise Homework Club at JW Middle School. Work with School Social Workers and
Director of Clinical Services to connect youth to additional services, as needed.
2. Organize Reach-Out! Clubs: recruit and train Teen Mentors, engage Teen Mentors in
planning and on-going evaluation of program, provide supervision for meetings and activities.
Engage parents throughout program. Work with School Social Workers and Director of Clinical
Services to connect youth to additional services, as needed.

D. Represent the Tri-Town Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition on the Safe Graduation planning committee.

1. Work closely with Prevention Coordinator to provide parent volunteers with information about youth substance abuse prevention throughout the year.
2. Assist with event preparation, including recruitment of chaperones.
3. Provide event coordination and management.

E. Recruit and train High School Interns to help design, organize and implement the Summer Co-op Recreation Program for Middle School Students.

1. Work with Coalition Partners to incorporate Leadership Development, Team Building and Peer Support into the program.
2. Coordinate and manage all aspects of two Summer Co-Op Sessions (July and August).

F. Work with Executive Director, Director of Clinical Services, Prevention Coordinator and other Coalition members to plan and implement substance-free youth activities in the tri-town area (or greater shoreline) throughout the year. Assist with these tasks, as needed:

1. Establish goals, objectives and target demographic served
2. Determine location
3. Publicize activity and create, print and disseminate literature and materials
4. Obtain volunteer chaperones or drivers, as necessary
5. Attend the activity and perform necessary clean up
6. Evaluate the program

III. Minimum requirements
1. Must have a Bachelor's degree in human services, social work, counseling or related field.
2. An outgoing and creative personality that engages young people, works well with others, is highly motivated to improve the lives of children and teens. Responsible, organized and detail-oriented.
3. CT driver’s license and automobile insurance coverage.

IV. Terms and Benefits
1. This is a 3-year, grant-funded position, with possibility of extension.
2. Salary based on average of 15-18 hours per week. Starting rate of $15.00 per hour.
3. Supervision will be provided for day-to-day work by Executive Director.
4. Mileage will be reimbursed at the prevailing government rate.
5. Program evaluations and goal setting for the upcoming fiscal/school year occur in July and mid-year Performance Evaluations are conducted in January.

V. To apply fax cover letter and resume to 860-526-3600 or email

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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