Stratford Launches RxEffect Social Media Campaign


In 2015, Stratford’s Youth Committee launched a social media campaign aimed at prescription drug misuse and abuse. Youth leaders worked with a marketing consultant to brainstorm ideas and build an internet campaign to reach both teens and adults. The group produced a website, social media memes and messages, and event handouts to build awareness. 


Teens from Stratford were photographed to appear in social media memes;
over 20 unique memes were created and dispersed via social media, from July through October:



A website,, was created as a repository for more information.



Prescription drug bottle handouts were created that had unique warning labels, such as:
WARNING: Misuse May Result in Failure to Graduate.

Bottles were filled with messages folded up to look like prescription drug directions; QR codes were added to enable people to scan them with their smartphones and go to one of the social media pages created for the campaign, including: Facebook, twitter, Inatagram, Pinterest and G+.  These were handed out at town events, festivals and school open houses.