Stratford Recognizes Participants of the "Work It Out" Program


As the local Youth Service Bureau, the Town of Stratford Community Services often partners with others to bring awareness and programs relevant to youth and their families. This fall, the Stratford Police Department in cooperation with Community Services, hosted two crime-prevention community forums focused on engaging youth.

As a follow-up to the forums, the Police Department and Community Services launched a new group for young men, Work It Out. Officers Robert Burroughs and Brian Oliver planned and facilitated the weekly afternoon sessions, which centered on lessons from the “Play By The Rules” curriculum, followed by activities such as working out with free weights, conditioning with boxing equipment, or playing basketball. They also toured the Police Department Headquarters. Community Services provided the space for discussion and work out, snacks, and registration.

Prior to each session, the youth gathered in the Community Services waiting room. The change in their attitudes and affects during the program was remarkable. In the beginning, they sat quietly looking down. By the end, they were positively involved with each other in conversation and when Officers Burroughs and Oliver arrived, they jumped to their feet to extend a welcome. The goal of positively engaging the participants with police officers was clearly evident.

Work It Out participants receive formal recognition at the Stratford Youth and Family Advisory Board Annual Meeting and Awards Ceremony. This public venue allows the young men and their families to share their accomplishments, as well as members of the community to see one of the outcomes from the fall forums.

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