Montville Youth Action Council Launches Penny Drive


The “Copper Capers” are on the job…

Montville Youth Action Council launches its 8th Annual Penny Drive

Montville Youth Action Council (a program of the Montville Youth Service Bureau) will officially launch its 8th Annual Penny Drive in January 2014. However the word is spreading like wild fire and the donations are already rolling in, thanks to the local paper, The Montville Times (a publication of The Day Paper) printing a front page story on the project. YAC kids have been receiving random donations at the dentist, the grocery store, and school…plus they have been chosen by the Montville Board of Education to be recognized as “Montville Marvels” at the Board of Ed. Meeting in December.  

All proceeds raised from the Penny Drive will benefit Lawrence & Memorial hospital’s Pediatric Emergency Department so they can purchase Apple iPads for children awaiting medical attention and/or surgery. The iPad will serve as a distraction for kids and help to ease their anxiety, and sometimes offer them education about their pending surgery.  

Penny collection jars will be placed all over Montville in schools, town offices, and local businesses from January 2014 through April 2014. The end of the drive concludes with a Wake-a-thon/Lock-in event during April vacation where YAC members solicit sponsors to stay awake all night! A clever campaign was created to capture interest and donations, of course! After all it is for a good cause! Jars with an apple shaped tags will have the following slogan attached:

An apple a day may keep the doctor away… But the pennies from this jar will provide hospitalized kids with an “apple” that is just for play!

Support MYSB’s 8th Annual Penny Drive to benefit Lawrence & Memorial Hospital Pediatric Services. All proceeds will be used to purchase Apple iPads for kid-patients to use during their hospital stay!Montville YAC Members

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