Submitting Electronic Testimony

SUBMITTING ELECTRONIC TESTIMONY:CYSA needs as many people as possible to submit electronic testimony for the hearing on March 3 regarding the cuts to YSBs in the proposed budget.  You do not have to go and testify, you can just submit testimony electronically….Attached is a slightly different/updated version of the talking points to use for creating testimony (it has the specific cuts to reference on the top) …

  • Testimony needs to be emailed to the following address:

    You need to make sure you do the following on your email submission:

    1)      In the subject line, please put the following: “Testimony for March 3, 5pm for the Appropriations Secondary Education Sub-committee”

    2)      In the body of the email, please add the same information as above to let them know the attached testimony is for that hearing and is regarding cuts to YSBs

    3)      On your actual testimony word document (on the top) please also add this same information in case the testimony is put in the wrong hearing pile…(Many hearings are occurring and we want it to go to the right place!).  Attach the word document to the email.

    4)      Please begin your testimony by addressing the following people: 

    Senator Bye, Representative Walker, Senator Slossberg, Representative Fleischmann, and members of the Secondary Education Sub-committee:

    My name is…

     ***Please make sure you send your testimony to Jay Aronson, our lobbyist at  ( and/or Al Slobodien and Erica Bromley if you want additional feedback) before submitting. Al and I can be emailed at: and

     ***You should submit your testimony by the end of the day on Monday.

    Thank you for all of the work you have already done in contacting your legislators.  They are already hearing our voices and we want to continue to make sure we are a priority.  Please continue this conversation through submitting testimony and whenever you can with your legislators.  And don’t forget to speak to legislators from the town you live in (if that’s different from where you work!).  Having parents and youth reach out is also great!