DMHAS-Strategic Prevention Enhancment Initiative Grant


Service Population Advisory Group of the Strategic Prevention Enhancement Initiative

A joint project between Connecticut Youth Services Association (CYSA), East of the River Action Substance Abuse Elimination, Inc. (ERASE) and the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services

CYSA has been identified as the provider for facilitating the formation of the Service Population Advisory Group. ERASE has been named as the contractor and fiduciary. CYSA was identified because it is a member of the Strategic Prevention Enhancement Consortium and has the ability to complete the project as outlined below due to its membership statewide. Mary Seidner is the CYSA representative on the Consortium and will be the Board liaison to this project. Sarah Bogdanski Bourdon, Consultant will co-facilitate the work of the project with Mrs. Seidner and will be responsible for all reporting needed.

The purpose of CYSA’s involvement in the Service Population Advisory Group is three fold:

  1. To gather parents (children may be included) in Focus Groups to educate and discuss ongoing prevention efforts
  2. To review and ask for feedback on the state’s five year prevention strategic plan
  3. To identify through focus groups 2 - 3 parent leaders who would be willing to continue to meet and/or be available to DMHAS for ongoing input from a parental point a view regarding prevention activities in Connecticut. These parent leaders will make up the Service Population Advisory Group.

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