Weekly Legislative Update 5.10.15


What a great week for YSBs!

Wednesday was the 11th annual YSB Day at the Capitol!  While I can’t speak for the attendees or staff who put the event together, from my standpoint, the day went very well.  Yes, we had to maneuver around an 11:00 a.m. Appropriations Committee meeting which robbed us of several of the Legislators we expected for our panel discussion, however, those who did make it were exceptional!  This was by far the largest number of kids we’ve had at this event…ever!

Many Legislators stopped by to see their constituents, the kids who came to the Capitol for the day.  Each of them spent quality time talking to them about the budget, education, the legislative process, and issues that were on the kids’ minds!  Two young men from Middletown were star struck when they had the opportunity to meet Sen. Ted Kennedy, Jr.  It was quite an experience for them and great to see unfold! 

A special thanks to the presenters and ALL of the Legislators who stopped by, especially Rep. Kathleen McCarty and Senator Gayle Slossberg who made up part of the panel.  Both spoke highly of the kids, noting how well behaved and respectful they were.

I also want to personally thank Barbara Lockhart for putting so much time and effort into planning the day, as well as Michelle Piccerillo and Erica Bromley for making the day run so smoothly at the Capitol.  Thank you all!

On Thursday, the Senate passed SB 841, AAC the Implementation of a Comprehensive Children’s Mental, Emotional and Behavioral Health Plan on a vote of 32-1.  Should it pass the House, CYSA will have a seat on the commission the bill creates.

There is nothing new to report on the budget at this time.  Negotiations are ongoing and I will keep you up to date as things unfold.

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