Open Letter from CYSA's Board President


Happy Summer Everyone!

I just wanted to take a moment to wish all of you a happy,
safe, and fun summer season! What a year it has been for the State of
Connecticut. We have had our share of triumphs and tragedies, and through it
all I know one constant prevailed, which was a sense of community solidarity.
Whether responding to the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, or one of the saddest
days in CT with the truly horrific events in Newtown at the Sandy Hook
Elementary School, the people of Connecticut (and even beyond) rose to the challenges
faced by those impacted by the storms, and the families of the Newtown victims
with kindness, grace, and compassion. Volunteers flooded in from all over
simply offering whatever help they could to ease the pain of others. This is
the best side of human nature that we often forget exists inside each and every
one of us.

Of course YSBs were right on the front line offering our
assistance and support. Clothing, food, & toiletry drives were quickly
implemented, & YSBs assisted in organizing emergency shelters and helping
local families find some measure of comfort and relief. In response to the
tragedy in Newtown YSBs offered crisis and trauma intervention services and
counseling services for both the families and the first responders whom will
forever be changed by this sad day. The outpouring of support that so many of
CT’s families have received from so many organizations, businesses,
individuals, and families in response to these difficult times was admirable
and appreciated. In the months that have followed CYSA became more deeply
involved at the state capitol regarding legislation which pertained to both
school safety and mental health. Several CYSA members/YSB Directors either
testified in person or submitted testimony on both of these important issues on
multiple occasions and as a result YSB’s are now a part of the conversation
regarding these two crucial issues.

The completion of the newly upgraded and freshly redesigned
CYSA website is a major accomplishment for YSBs statewide. This site, which functions
as a virtual office for the association is a great resource for a diverse
audience of people involved in youth and family services work. The tireless
efforts of your chapter representatives, the CYSA Board, our CYSA consultant,
and the CYSA lobbyist made for a banner year for Connecticut’s YSBs! We are
looking forward to another amazing year for 2013-2014. Please do not hesitate
to call upon us should you need anything. Again, I wish you all a happy, safe,
and healthy summer season!

Best regards ~ Barbara

DMHAS-Strategic Prevention Enhancment Initiative Grant
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