Cultural Humility Training


Cultural Humility:
A Brave Space Conversation for Youth Workers
with Kamora Herrington, Kamora's Cultural Corner
Friday, January 31
9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Location: Veterans Memorial Clubhouse, 64 Sunset Ridge Drive, East Hartford
Fee: $40 includes, CEUs, breakfast, lunch, parking


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  • Gain knowledge of best practices in the area of positive youth development while serving LGBTQ/GNCT youth.
  • Examine how our beliefs affect how we work and interact with those different from ourselves.
  • Learn strategies to deal with interpersonal and intercultural conflicts when they arise.
American attitudes towards the LGBTQ+ community have and continue to shift, as has language around sexuality and gender. New words have been born; other words have changed meanings and usages, and depending on age, race, gender, socio-economic status, region etc., what is acceptable for one demographic may be insulting to others. Add to this the important concept of intersectionality and many of us are feeling left out of these conversations; a conversation that we may feel that we may not have the vocabulary for. As we shift away from “cultural competence” to the more culturally aware practice of becoming culturally humble citizens, it is time to examine how our own upbringing and beliefs affect how we work with and interact with those who are different from us and our families. 
In this session participants will be asked to share their own experiences working with “difference”, leading into a facilitated conversation which will allow participants to begin identifying and developing strategies that they will be able to use when interpersonal or intercultural conflicts arise. The goal of this session is to help participants identify ways that they are already ‘doing the work’ as well as how to navigate their personal beliefs while committing to their responsibilities as a member of a larger supportive youth serving community.  Collaboration and networking are built into this session.
Kamora Le'Ella Herrington is a mother first, in all of the ways that a mother is. She is the owner and operator or Kamora’s Cultural Corner and is an active Cultural Humility presenter and educator who began her formal career as a teacher for the City of Hartford’s Early Learning Centers in the early 90’s.  Through the years she has worked with numerous organizations and groups committed to marginalized communities, most recently as the Director of Youth Programming and Mentoring at True Colors. Inc. where she ran a mentoring program for Queer youth in out of home care for 15 years and is a proud and vocal advocate for Queer youth. Kamora is a member of the National Black Justice Coalition's (NBJC) Leadership Advisory Council, a founding member of CT Black Women and the Chair of the City of Hartford’s LGBTQ+ Commission.

Over the years Kamora has been honored as a person committed to supporting and nurturing humans, most recently as a 2019 recipient of the 100 Women of Color Award;  she is also very proud to have been awarded the 2016 Association for Experiential Education Person in Charge of Unlocking Potential (PICCOUP) award. Her personal life mission includes, “creating spaces where families are free to love their children” which is the guiding principal of all of her work.

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