FWSN Referrals to YSBs


To YSB Directors,

As a courtesy to our membership, CYSA is sharing a memo from the Juvenile Justice Policy and Oversight Committee (JJPOC), specifically the Diversion workgroup, regarding the FWSN referral changes taking effect on July 1, 2020.  YSBs have been anticipating this transition since the legislation was enacted over a year ago.

Documents are available including Cover Memo to YSBs from the JJPOC, and Referral Forms and Parent Guides which are in several languages.  Also available are documents providing information on Multi Systemic Therapy (MST) and Voluntary Care Management through Beacon Health Options. These are supports for appropriate FWSN cases YSBs may receive.

CYSA has posted the forms for your convenience at this link: 
https://www.ctyouthservices.org/Diversion/Important-Documents/ .

Please contact Erica Bromley if you need assistance with this process at (ebromley@ctyouthservices.org ) or have additional questions.




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