School Referral Documents Approved



School Referral Documents Approved

The Truancy/Defiance of School Rules documents (referral form, guidance document and memo) have gone out to all Superintendents!!! We have been waiting a long time for this, and I am happy to say the wait is over!
Please know that you can now freely share this and discuss with your schools.  It may take some time in some districts for this information to get from the Superintendent’s office to the school buildings, so please tell your contacts at the building level that the Superintendents now have it and can be/should be distributed to schools.
*Please note: The form and/or the referral guide may be slightly different than the ones that I sent out for the YSB Director Summits.  Please discard those and use the ones attached in this email as the final version!
As always, I am happy to help support your YSB in handling cases and questions that come up.  This will be a bumpy road, but most importantly, make sure the schools are fully filling out the forms before the YSB accepts a case.
***Another reminder: All referrals should go to the Youth Service Bureau, NOT directly to a JRB.  That could be an option, but it SHOULD NOT be the first step.
I would also ask that you keep data on whatever you can in terms of cases accepted and their outcomes (which will be in your SDE annual report), as well as cases you DID NOT accept and WHY (no capacity, incomplete referral, etc).
Please feel free to keep me posted on progress or with issues!

To view the documents, please visit the Diversion Tab of this website


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